Empowering Healthier Meals

with Alchemy Foodtech

Healthier Meals

with Alchemy Foodtech

Alchemy Foodtech

is a Singapore-based food science company that was set up in 2015 with a mission to “Empower Healthier Meals” through harnessing the best from nature and combining that with the knowledge of food science. Its key product is Alchemy Fibre™️, a patented fibre blend that is proven to make carbs healthier. 

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What is Alchemy Fibre™?

Alchemy Fibre™️ is a patented, plant-based fibre blend.
There are many blends of Alchemy Fibre™️, each optimised for a different food application, ranging from rice-based dishes, noodles, bread, steamed buns and more. 
When added to white rice during the cooking process, Alchemy Fibre™️ for Rice helps to lower the glycemic index (GI) of white rice, while increasing the fibre content to 10x more than white rice.​
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F&B establishments that feature Alchemy Fibre™

F&B establishments that feature Alchemy Fibre™

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Our fans recommend Alchemy Fibre™. Read on to find out why! 

Alchemy Fibre For Rice

Try Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice

Enjoy healthier white rice with lower GI* and 10 times more fibre** than regular white rice.

*White jasmine rice with Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice is tested Medium Glycemic Index (same range as brown rice) by Sydney University GI Research Services.

**Based on rice cooked according to package instructions and dry weight.

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