Enabling Nutritious and Delicious Food for Sustainable Healthy Living

Alchemy Foodtech™ is a Singapore-based food innovation company. Serving as a trusted functional ingredients supplier to renowned food companies worldwide, our mission is clear: to empower individuals to make healthier food choices without compromising on taste or enjoyment

The Alchemy’s Food Technology

Natured-Backed Science

With years of research and testing, we have developed solutions that helps in lowering sugar levels and glycemic index in carb staples, desserts and dairy while maintaining great taste.

Our Mission

To empower healthier food without compromising on taste for sustainable healthy living.

Indulge in healthier eating without compromising on flavours we love

Unappetising healthy food can dampen our daily joys, that is why we at Alchemy Foodtech are dedicated to leveraging our expertise in food science to transform everyday carbohydrates into wholesome, nourishing alternatives without the need for drastic dietary changes. One such product, is our Alchemy Fibre For Rice!

Our Commitment:
Scientifically proven products for better health that surpass critical sensory evaluations.

We continuously strive to innovate more lower sugar and better carbs solutions to our portfolio to create a new paradigm in wholesome food enjoyment.

Backed by Science,
Approved by Tastebuds

Our commitment is to develop scientifically proven products at Alchemy Foodtech that promote better health and surpass critical sensory evaluations.

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Creating The Alchemy Social Impact

At Alchemy Foodtech, we are committed to deliver positive health impact to communities, working towards creating a world where everyone can thrive and embrace healthier living and eating habits.

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Hari Raya Haji 2021

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Chinese New Year 2021

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