Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower healthier meals by

harnessing the best from nature with our expertise in food science.”

We are guided by the following principles:

Create healthier foods without compromising on taste

Healthier foods that do not agree with consumers’ taste would mean that the health benefits will not be reaped. Hence, with Alchemy Fibre™ and all other products in the pipeline, our stand is to ensure that consumer acceptance will not be a barrier so that healthier meals can indeed become a reality. To do so, we spend much time in our cook lab doing R&D and also work closely with food manufacturers and chefs from our restaurant partners. 

Prove it all with Science and Technology

Our proprietary in-vitro digestion test system, ALBOBI™, mimics the 3-phase human digestion to test and verify that every single selected ingredient can effectively lower glucose release. Our commitment extends to profiling their tastes and textures too so as to deliver solutions that do not compromise on the taste and texture profiles of the foods we love. 

Plant-based Natural Ingredients 

Alchemy Fibre™ is 100% plant-based. We believe that plants are nature’s greatest resources in strengthening our health and their diversity allows us to cater to a variety of different carb-based applications and beyond. 

Form Lasting Partnerships
with Science and Technology

Our partners’ customers are ours too and that’s why we see the importance of continuing to help them serve their best dishes, but healthier. We work closely with food manufacturers and restaurants to leverage on a symbiotic relationship, learning from them and providing for them at the same time. 

Our Story

How can you get more out of your favourite food? Our co-founders, Alan and Verleen, reveal what led them to the discovery of Alchemy Fibre™ and the creation of Alchemy Foods. 

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