What is Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice and its key benefits?

Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice is a patented, plant-based fibre blend that is made specifically to be used with rice. When added to white rice during the cooking process, Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice helps to reduce the glycemic index (GI) of white rice, while increasing the fibre content to 10x that of white rice. ​

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alchemy fibre for rice


Step 1- Wash rice grains

Wash and drain rice. Add water as per usual cooking procedure.

Step 2- Add Alchemy Fibre to uncooked rice

For every one cup of rice (150g), add 1 heaped tablespoon (15g) of
Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice. Stir well to dissolve the powder.

Step 3- Cook rice with Alchemy Fibre

Cook as normal.

Step 4- Enjoy Rice with Alchemy Fibre

Fluff the cooked rice and enjoy.

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