Baking Premixes

with Alchemy Fibre™️

For quick, easy and healthier sugar-free bakes

Make Your Favourite Bakes Healthier

Homebaked treats are often healthier than store-bought and baking at home can be a lot of fun. With our premixes, you get to enjoy sugar-free treats like muffins and brownies. Made with Alchemy Fibre™ , these premixes promises more fibre than similar treats.  

blueberry muffin premixes

Alchemy Baking Premixes

No Sugar Added
Brownies Premix

No Sugar Added
Cookies Premix

No Sugar Added
Muffins Premix

No Sugar Added
Pancakes Premix

Try Them Out

  • Alchemy No Sugar Added Brownie Premix [500g]

  • Alchemy No Sugar Added Cookie Premix [275g]

  • Alchemy No Sugar Added Muffin Premix [300g]

  • Alchemy No Sugar Added Pancake Premix [360g]


Benefits of Alchemy Premixes

No Refined Sugar Added

Regular premixes are often high in refined sugar content. Our premixes are sweetened with a sugar substitute, maltitol with no refined sugar added. Enjoy the same great taste and texture in these baked treats!

Source of Dietary Fibre

Our brownies and pancakes premixes are a source of dietary fibre, i.e., must contain at least 3g of dietary fibre per 100g of premix. The cookies and muffins premixes are higher in dietary fibre (at least 25% more than regular cookie and muffin premixes) than regular premixes.​

baking fussy free

Fuss-free, just mix!

Young or old, these premixes are made convenient and easy to use so that you can easily enjoy delectable sweet treats made at home.

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol composed of a glucose molecule bound to a sorbitol molecule with a glycemic index of 36 (which is classified as very low GI i.e. <40). It is 75-90% as sweet as sugar and can be used as a sugar substitute but has a significantly lower GI.

*Evidence on the use of maltitol for diabetics is not well established. Thus, diabetics should consume products containing maltitol at their/their doctor’s discretion.

Bake It Your Way

Our premixes are easily customisable according to your baking preferences. For vegan options, simply substitute the usual wet ingredients with plant-based options such as flax egg, vegan butter or plant milk. Be creative, jazz up your treats by adding in other ingredients such as fruits, nuts, flavours and syrups to your liking! Check out our recipes below for some inspiration.