A National Day Recipe Idea

Mango with glutinous rice is always a wonderful end to a lovely Asian meal. The delicate scent of coconut milk and pandan leaves permeating every grain of sticky rice just does it for us every time. In fact, we also love glutinous rice with our king of fruits – durian. But most people worry about eating glutinous rice due to health concerns, mainly due to its high starch content and high glycemic index (GI).

Good news! Now, with Alchemy Fibre For Rice, we can certainly make glutinous rice healthier.

This National Day, we have a National Day recipe idea that features glutinous rice that is fun to make and a great centre piece to showcase during your National Day feast. Presenting a homemade, edible Singapore Flag made of fragrant glutinous rice. Read on to find out our tips for putting this flag together. 

alchemy mooncake
alchemy mooncake

Since we have two colours for our national flag, it will be easier if you prep equipment to cook the rice separately.

For the white rice, we cooked about 2 cups of glutinous rice (presoaked for 2 hours) with 2 cups water, a large pinch of salt plus a bunch of knotted pandan leaves. To make this rice healthier, add 2 heaped tablespoons of Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice to the rice to cook. When the rice is cooked, stir in some coconut cream/milk and mix well.

annatoo seed

For the red, we wanted to use less red food colouring to achieve the red in our flag. Instead, we use a natural food colouring from nature, Annatto seeds. These seeds yield a dark orange colour and when we extract that colour, just a few more drops of red food colouring will get us the colour that we need!

To extract colour from Annatto seeds, we stir fry the seeds in oil in a shallow pan till we see the red/orange oil. Then, we add water by the tablespoon till we get the right intensity of colour. Thereafter, just a few drops of red colouring will do the trick.

alchemy mooncake

For the red rice, cook about 2 cups of pre-soaked glutinous rice with the prepared red colouring plus water. Add a pinch of salt and sugar and knotted pandan leaves.  Again, don’t forget to add in Alchemy Fibre For Rice for healthier rice.

alchemy mooncake

To achieve a flat surface for the flag, lay out the rice in the right proportion and flatten with a cup. Prepare the moon and stars with a stencil and desiccated coconut flakes and we are ready to go get our favourite fruits to enjoy together.

National Day Recipe Idea
– Edible National Flag

There you have it, your homemade National Day
edible flag to celebrate National Day.

alchemy mooncake

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