Dai Pai Dong Inspired Dishes

Run by the folks from Ah Yat group, they have newly launched Ah Yat Kitchen – A casual restaurant that serves Hong Kong delights such as roast meats, dim sum, curry and Dai Pai Dong inspired dishes. If you’re looking for affordable Cantonese cuisine within while shopping in town, Ah Yat Kitchen is a pocket-friendly choice that will be sure to give you both value and quality.

ah yat kitchen pork chop curry rice
ah yat kitchen roast duck rice

Cantonese cuisine made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™️

​​Ah Yat Kitchen is incorporating Alchemy Fibre™️ into all menu items featuring white rice. This means you can enjoy 10x more fibre with lower GI (glycemic index) rice. Pair them with your favourite Hong Kong delights such as BBQ Pork, Roasted Duck, Fried Chicken Cutlet Curry and so on.

Ah Yat Kitchen is serving healthier rice made with Alchemy Fibre™️ at:

📍 Far East Plaza: 14 Scotts Rd #05-36, Singapore 228213

Try Alchemy Fibre™ at home now!

Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice is a patented, plant-based fibre blend that is made specifically to be used with rice. When added to white rice during the cooking process, Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice helps to reduce the glycemic index (GI) of white rice, while increasing the fibre content to 10x that of white rice.

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