Meet Jo and Pork Chop, they love dumplings and noodles.  

They would eat it everyday and they think that you should have it everyday too. 

Their noodles are made fresh daily from three ingredients: Flour, Eggs & Salt (and now with the addition of Alchemy Fibre™).

They are cut fresh and tossed in wicked sauces.  

You should (& you will) slurp it like you mean it.  

Their dumplings have the perfect ratio of juice & bite. 

You are gonna need some dumplings in you to do that Tai-Chi.

Healthier Handmade Noodles with Alchemy Fibre™️ 

To level up their noodle game and feed their customers better, Dumpling Darlings have taken the step to make them healthier without changing its taste or texture. With Alchemy Fibre™️ incorporated into their signature noodles – Miso Mushroom, Braised Pork and Sichuan Pork, the fibre content increases by 4 times and it slows down glucose release. This increases the nutritional value of the meal, providing your body with the essential boost from carbs while enjoying the same satisfaction.​​

Dumpling Darlings is serving Alchemy Fibre™️ across all outlets, find out more here.

Miso Mushroom Noodles with Alchemy Fibre™

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Sichuan Pork Egg Noodles with Alchemy Fibre™

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XO Prawn Noodles with Alchemy Fibre™

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Try Alchemy Fibre™ at home now!

Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice is a patented, plant-based fibre blend that is made specifically to be used with rice. When added to white rice during the cooking process, Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice helps to reduce the glycemic index (GI) of white rice, while increasing the fibre content to 10x that of white rice.

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Alchemy Fibre For Rice