Pizza Arc – Halal Pizzas in the Heartlands that deliver islandwide

Pizza Arc has its humble beginnings in the heartlands of Yishun. Starting with just a classic selection of pizzas then, their menu has grown since then with some pretty impressive pizzas! They’ve also opened a 2nd and 3rd outlets at NEWest (in West Coast) and Tanah Merah and best of all – they’re CERTIFIED HALAL!

Pizza Arc caters for pizza takeout and delivery. This means you can have your pizza delivered to you via your favourite delivery apps. And if you’re outside of the standard delivery radius, here’s a tip! You can order directly via their site as they deliver islandwide from all online orders!

pizza made with alchemy fibre
slice pizza in plate

Scrumptious Pizzas with health benefits in pizza dough

Regulars of Pizza Arc will tell you that one of the signatures has got to be the Cheesy Cheese, which boasts EIGHT different cheeses including cream cheese! The abundance of cheese complemented the tangy tomato paste for a great tasting pizza.

Another favourite is the Spicy Garlic Chicken pizza. This pizza is filled with bold flavor thanks to chilies, garlic, and an dollop of chili sauce.

The best part? Now, all of Pizza Arc’s pizzas are made healthier with Alchemy Fibre, which means that you can enjoy more fibre in every bite, without changing the taste and texture of that familiar and crisp pizza dough that many enjoy at Pizza Arc.

Visit or Order from Pizza Arc today to satisfy those pizza cravings:

📍Pizza ARC @ Yishun Hearts
📍Pizza ARC @ Urban Vista

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Meat Madness
with Alchemy Fibre™

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Yummy Cheese
with Alchemy Fibre™
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Fisherman Catch
with Alchemy Fibre™
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