Local fans of Taiwanese snacks can always expect to satisfy their cravings at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, with kiosks conveniently located in most of the major malls in Singapore. Bringing the best of Taipei’s Shihlin Night Market is what Shihlin does best. Indeed, as the locals put it, “If Taiwan has it, Shihlin has it.”

shih lin handmade oyster mee sua
shih lin handmade oyster mee sua

Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua Made Healthier with Alchemy Fibre

One of Shihlin’s signature must-eats has to be the Handmade Oyster Mee Sua. With a special stock comprising carefully selected ingredients that is brewed over a slow flame to yield a rich soup base for their handmade mee sua. Topped with a generous amount of oysters and shredded chicken, this is a comforting bowl of noodles that’s great for a quick and convenient meal.

Good news for fans of Shihlin’s Handmade Oyster Mee Sua, from 15th October 2021, every bowl of Shihlin’s yummy mee sua will be made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™.

Alchemy Fibre™ are blends of low GI, high fibre and high prebiotic plant-based fibre that is proven to make carbs healthier. In doing so, it promises to retain the taste, texture and flavours of the foods we love, so you can expect your favourite mee sua from Shihlin to have the same great taste, but encompassing more health benefits for you.