Springleaf Prata Place

Homegrown Springleaf Prata Place is known for serving up innovative prata creations like the Murtaburger and Praclette. This time, High-Fibre prata with added paprika made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™.  Still a perfect combination with your favourite curry, Singaporean’s indulgence in prata just took a ‘healthier’ turn.

Springleaf prata goers can still enjoy their favourite crispy prata with the same taste and texture, with the introduction of the High-Fibre prata, made healthier by Alchemy Fibre™ in every Springleaf Prata Place all over Singapore.  This prata  with added paprika, contains 3x fibre of regular plain prata while maintaining the crisp texture that Springleaf is best known for its pratas.

“At Springleaf, we are big on innovation bringing new flavours and dishes to refresh the palate of our diners regularly. In line with this spirit, we worked with Alchemy Foodtech to create a healthier prata that maintains the same crispiness and flavour of our pratas. We believe this healthier prata will meet the desires of diners who want healthier options, yet enjoy the prata they love. If there is positive response for this new product, we may consider using Alchemy Fibre in more food offerings at Springleaf.” 

  • A quote from Springleaf Prata Place’s founder, Guna


Let’s hear from Springleaf Prata Place’s founder, Guna

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