Year 1819 marks the birth of modern Singapore with the establishment of the British Crown colony. The founding of colonial Singapore as a trading port quickly led to ainflux of immigrants from parts of Asia, trying to seek a living. These settlers socialised with their multicultural practices shaping the early Kopitiam (coffeeshop), that gradually served as a place for Singaporeans to mingle, eat, and drink. Strait Place 1819 (by d’Good Café) is a celebration of Singapore’s cultural diversity, especially in the realm of food with a menu full of fusion delights, each with a modern twist on local delicacies.  


Experience the classics of Singapore’s culinary heritage in a new light, now made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™. Not only are they using Alchemy Fibre™ in their rice for their range of healthier dishes such as the Hainanese Chicken Roulade and the Nasi Lemak Sushi, their Lobster & Crab Hokkien Mee is also part of the selection. To sweeten the deal, they are also incorporating Alchemy Fibre™ into their delicious variety of Deutsch Skillet Pancakes. 

If you are looking for a happy place to catch up with your loved ones or simply to recharge yourself, visit Strait Place 1819 for some delicious and healthier heritage eats at: 

📍 1 Harbour Front Walk, #02-111, Singapore 098585, VivoCity 

Strait Place Nasi Lemak with Alchemy Fibre™

Singapore Chendol with Alchemy Fibre™

Hainanese Chicken Roulade with Alchemy Fibre™

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