Swee Heng 1989 Classic is a modern bakery chain by homegrown brand, Swee Heng, to cater to younger consumers. Well-loved and recognised by Singaporeans for serving nostalgic, old school buns and cakes in their bakeries. With their first outlet that opened in 2017 at SingPost Centre, they have been expanding rapidly at neighbourhood malls with their range of traditional to trendy flavours of bakes.

orange chiffon cake
pandan chiffon cake

Swee Heng 1989 Classic has incorporated Alchemy Fibre™ into their Pandan and Orange Chiffon Cakes. With Alchemy Fibre™, the fibre content of the chiffon cakes are increased by at least 3 times and are made sugar-free with a sugar substitute, maltitol. Enjoy the same taste and texture of their soft and fluffy chiffon cakes, while reaping the benefits of Alchemy Fibre™.

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol composed of a glucose molecule bound to a sorbitol molecule with a glycemic index of 36 (which is classified as very low GI i.e. <40). It is 75-90% as sweet as sugar and can be used as a sugar substitute but has a significantly lower GI.

*Evidence on the use of maltitol for diabetics is not well established. Thus, diabetics should consume products containing maltitol at their/their doctor’s discretion.

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