At Alchemy Foodtech, we want to impact health outcomes by “Empowering Healthier Meals”. As part of our CSR efforts, we want to extend this empowerment to beneficiaries. 

swee heng csr chiffon cake
swee heng csr at Jamiyah Home

We have partnered with Swee Heng Classic 1989 to give the Muslim seniors of Jamiyah (Muslim Missionary Society of Singapore) and Sree Narayana Mission this Hari Raya Haji with more than 600 boxes of Sugar-Free Pandan and Orange Chiffon Cakes made healthier with Alchemy Fibre™ These chiffon cakes are higher in fibre content as compared to regular chiffon cakes, while retaining the same great taste and texture. 

We are proud of our partner, Swee Heng, for sharing joy through their cakes and involving us (with provision of Alchemy Fibre) as a way to jointly give back to the society.