Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use (cook) Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice?

What is Alchemy Fibre™?

Alchemy Fibre™ is a blend made of: 

– Low glycemic index (GI)
– High Fibre
– High Prebiotics 

plant-based fibres.  

Available in various powdered blends, Alchemy Fibre™ is easy to add to various types of carbohydrates like rice, noodles, bread and even steamed buns before cooking/baking.

Is Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice gluten-free?

Yes, Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice is certified gluten-free but our factory processes other products which contain gluten. 

Is Alchemy Fibre™ halal-certified? 

Yes, all of our products are halal-certified. 

Is Alchemy Fibre™ organic or GMO?

Alchemy Fibre, although made from plant-based ingredients, is not organic. It is, however, non-GMO. 

What is the nutritional information of Alchemy Fibre™?

Each serving (1 heaped tablespoon, or 15g) contains 20 calories. 

Is Alchemy Fibre™ an additive?

No, it is not. Alchemy Fibreis made from natural, plant-based ingredients. It is 100% plant-based. 

Is Alchemy Fibre™ safe to consume?

Yes, it is! All ingredients are GRAS-certified (Generally Recognised As Safe) and are sourced from food-grade suppliers. 

What is Alchemy Fibre™ made of?

Alchemy Fibre™️ is made from plants with naturally-sourced ingredients such as pea, corn, tapioca, tuber roots, beans or legumes. Each blend of Alchemy Fibre™️ is made for different carbohydrate-rich food products and constitutes different ingredients but this list states the main ingredient of Alchemy Fibre™️.

What is Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice made of? 

Alchemy Fibre™️ for Rice is a special blend of inulin and edible gum.

Inulin is a type of dietary fibre found naturally in a wide variety of plants such as chicory root, onion, garlic and more. It has been linked to several health benefits like improving digestive health, helping to manage diabetes.

Edible gum is naturally derived from plant sources too such as guar beans and carob seed. It is a soluble fibre that helps to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates.

What are the main ingredients/components in Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice that lows the GI of white rice, improve gut health, and increase fibre intake?

There are many blends of Alchemy Fibre. Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice is the blend of fibre that is made specifically for use with rice. The main ingredient of Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice is inulin, a type of soluble dietary fibre found naturally in a wide variety of plants such as chicory root, onion, garlic and more. Consumption of soluble fibre such as inulin has been linked to several health benefits like improved digestive health and that of slowing glucose release. We have tested Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice in several in-vitro studies to demonstrate its effectiveness in slowing down glucose release in white rice before testing this fibre blend in human studies to certify its impact on GI. The result of the study, conducted by Sydney University GI Research Services, confirmed that white jasmine rice cooked with Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice is in the same range of GI as brown rice.

What is Alchemy Flour made of? 

Alchemy Flour is a blend of plain flour and 20% Alchemy Fibre™. 

Ingredients list: All purpose flour, resistant-modified tapioca starch, pea starch, inulin 

Contains wheat (gluten) 

What are Alchemy Premixes made of? 

Each Alchemy Premix contains Alchemy Fibre™. Please see the back of each Premix packaging for the full list of ingredients. Our premixes are suitable for lacto-ovo-vegetarians as they require wet ingredients such as milk, eggs and butter. Each Premix also contains wheat (gluten). 

How do I use (cook) Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice?

  1. Wash and drain rice, adding water as desired after that
  2. Measure 15g (1 heaped tablespoon) of Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice with every 150g of rice (1 rice cup)
  3. Combine Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice with soaked rice. Stir well to dissolve the powder, ensuring no lumps
  4. Cook as you usually do in a rice cooker or steam over a stove
  5. Once cooked, use a rice paddle to fluff the rice before serving. Tastes as good on its own or served with your favourite dishes! 

Note: For congee or porridge, you may use the same ratio of Alchemy Fibre™ powder to uncooked rice. Cook your congee or porridge as how you normally would with the desired amount of water. 

How can I use Alchemy Fibre™ in other carbs such as noodles, porridge, pasta, bread or pastries? 

There are various blends of Alchemy Fibre™ available. 

Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice is suitable for cooking rice or porridge. For other carbs, please refer to the following row.  

If we were to make chicken rice, fried rice or any other rice dishes, will adding Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice still help to lower the dish’s GI?

Yes, adding Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice to cooking any type of rice will help to confer benefits like lowering GI and increasing intake of dietary fibre. Our GI study was done on a variety of plain rice cooked with Alchemy Fibre For Rice and has been to be effective in lowering the GI of cooked rice. Further, we have tested the digestion rate of chicken rice and braised duck rice in our lab before and after adding Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice, and have seen similar reductions in glucose release as white rice with Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice.

Can I use Alchemy Fibre For Rice for baking? 

There are different blends of Alchemy Fibre™ for various carbs.

For use with rice, the product to use is Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice. 

We have Alchemy Flour available for sale as a substitute for regular flour. It is a blend of plain flour and 20% Alchemy Fibre but this product is only available in selected markets currently.  

How do I use Alchemy Flour? 

You can use Alchemy Flour in any recipe that calls for all purpose/plain flour. 

How do I use Alchemy Premixes? 

Please follow the instructions stated at the pack of each Premix packaging. Please note that each Premix requires additional wet ingredients such as eggs, butter and milk. 

How do I store Alchemy Fibre™?

Due to humidity in Singapore, Alchemy Fibre™ has to be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place or in the fridge to prevent clumps. If you find that the fibre has clumped together, you can press the clumps away and continue using as usual.

How long is Alchemy Fibre™ good for after opening?

Alchemy Fibre™ is good until the expiry date stated on the packaging after opening.

Can I only use Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice with white rice only? Can it be used with brown rice and other types of rice? 

Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice can be used with all types of rice. However, our data is largely based on white rice so some variation of benefits may be observed with its use in other types of rice. However, in all cases, there will be a beneficial effect on fibre but please note that both brown rice and Alchemy Fibre™ are rich in fibre so you would be consuming a substantial amount of fibre. 

Where can I get Alchemy Fibre™? Is it available in grocery stores?  

From our F&B partners and hospitals/clinics: View our growing list of established F&B partners that serve food made with Alchemy Fibre™; Alchemy Fibre™ is also available for retail at selected hospital and clinics in Singapore.

From our online store: Shop Alchemy Fibrehere 

From e-commerce sites: Shop Alchemy Fibre™ on Lazada or Shopee 

For overseas availability, please note that Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice will be available in the US and Philippines from late June 2021 (TBC)

Where do you ship your products to?

At the moment, we only fulfil local (Singapore) shipping. Plans to ship overseas are in the pipeline for the near future so if you’d like us to ship to you, please leave your contact details in the form hereWe’ll be in touch once Alchemy Fibre™ is ready to step overseas! 

Is there a delivery fee? How long does delivery take?

Enjoy free delivery for orders above S$40! Otherwise, a flat-rate fee of $1.40 will be charged. 

Once orders are placed successfully, it will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days.

What are the returns and refunds policy for my purchase? 

For unopened or damaged packets: 7-day return and exchange policy 

For opened and defective (something wrong has been identified) packets: A product exchange or full refund will be available. 

Kindly reach out to us via email with your enquiry. 

Who is Alchemy Fibre™ meant for?  

Anyone who wishes to have a healthier diet without making drastic changes to their appetite or food preparation. Alchemy Fibre™ does not change the taste, texture, or appearance of your food so that you can enjoy better health with the same great-tasting food you love. 

Does consuming rice with Alchemy Fibre For Rice equate to the benefits of consuming healthier rice like brown rice? 

Consuming Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice with rice helps to lower the glycemic index of white rice to the same GI range as brown rice; doing so also increases the fibre intake to 2.5 times of brown rice or 10 times of white rice. However, Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice with rice does not equate to all the benefits of eating brown rice as brown rice had additional vitamins such as vitamin B1, B3 and B6, and minerals such as manganese and magnesium. 

Is there anyone or any health condition where Alchemy Fibre is not recommended? Why?

Most people can enjoy the benefits of Alchemy Fibre For Rice as we do not expect any side effects when Alchemy Fibre For Rice is consumed at its recommended serving (5 – 7 g per serving). However, excessive consumption may result in flatulence, bloating or diarrhoea as is commonly seen with an excessive consumption of fibre. In Singapore, the recommended fibre intake is 20g for women and 26g for men which equates to 2 servings of fruits and vegetables and many people do struggle to meet this daily requirement, underscoring the importance for additional sources of fibre that can bring significant health benefits.


Is Alchemy Fibre™ safe for children under 12 years?

As long as you keep to the recommended serving suggestion of 1 heaped tablespoon (or 15g) for every cup of uncooked rice, Alchemy Fibre™ is safe for young children to consume.  

Please note that too much fibre in one’s diet may cause diarrhoea, constipation or flatulence. The key to good health is eating in moderation! 

Are there side effects after consuming Alchemy Fibre? 

We do not expect any side effects when Alchemy Fibre™ is consumed at its recommended serving. However, excessive consumption may result in flatulence, bloating or diarrhoea as is expected with the consumption of excessive amount of fibre. 

Is Alchemy Fibre™ suitable for diabetic patients?

Yes, people with diabetes and pre-diabetes can benefit from incorporating Alchemy Fibre in their diet.  

Alchemy Fibre™ helps to slow down the digestion rate of carbohydrate-based food, thereby slowing down the glucose released into the bloodstream, hence reducing blood sugar spikes after consuming carbs and this is particularly beneficial for individuals with impaired glucose tolerance, but also beneficial for individuals at large for health maintenance and to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes.    

Does Alchemy Fibre help reduce caloric-intake? 

No, it does not. However, using Alchemy Fibre™ with your carbs can help to make you feel fuller with lesser intake as it is high in fibre. When one feels fuller for longer, one tends not to overeat.  

What scientific evidence/research has been conducted to validate the health benefits of Alchemy Fibre™? 

In-vivo human clinical studies: 3 rounds of testing were conducted at both an accredited Glycemic Index testing lab, SUGiRS, University of Sydney, and at National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore. All trials revealed a decrease in blood glucose response in comparison to white jasmine rice: 

  • Glycemic index (GI) of white jasmine rice: 75  
  • GI of white jasmine rice with 10% Alchemy Fibre™: 67 
  • GI of brown jasmine rice: 68 

In-vitro lab digestion tests: Using our proprietary in-vitro lab digestion test system, different blends of Alchemy Fibre™ are continuously tested on a variety of food types ranging from rice, noodles and bread to cakes. Food made with Alchemy Fibre™ were found to consistently have a similar or slower digestion rate to those made from wholegrain. This ensures that glucose does get released in lower levels during digestion. 

We are currently in the process of publishing a research paper with full details of all conducted studies and findings for Alchemy Fibre™. 

What is the GI of white rice cooked with Alchemy Fibre For Rice compared to regularly cooked white rice?

White rice and Japanese rice are high GI. When Alchemy FibreFor Rice is added to white jasmine rice, the GI fell to the medium GI range, which is the same range as brown rice. Interestingly, based on our study results, the GI of Japanese rice falls to low GI range with Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice.


Is Alchemy Fibre™ backed by any organisation?

Alchemy Foodtech is supported by the Singapore Government and National University of Singapore (NUS). We are the first food tech company to be awarded TECS, a deep-tech research grant, and are also seed funded by Heritas Capital (a private healthcare VC), SEEDS Capital (the venture arm of Enterprise Singapore), NUS Enterprise (the venture arm of NUS), and Bit x Bites (a Shanghai-based foodtech VC). 

Is there another product similar to Alchemy Fibre™ on the market?  

While there are wholegrain options available, many people may find the switch difficult due to a significant difference in taste, texture and colour. Not all wholegrain products are able to reduce the digestibility of carbohydrate-rich food as much as Alchemy Fibre™ can.  

Alchemy Fibre™ is currently the only solution on the market which makes refined carbohydrates healthier without compromising on taste, texture and appearance. It is patented in Singapore and patent-pending in other countries.