Sharing the loaf for artisanal bakes

Have you heard of cruffins? Bakery Brera is one of the first bakeries to bring these muffin-shaped croissants with various oozing fillings to Singapore. Apart from these sweet treats that blew up on social media, they are also home to other unique pastries and artisanal European-style breads, including their bestseller, the Traditional Baguette. They have been delighting their customers with fresh bakes that are handmade daily since they opened in 2016 as a humble bakery.

As firm believers in serving their customers the best bakes, the founders of Bakery Brera, Jacky and Thrina are committed to spreading love and joy to the people around them through the love language of food. For them, their philosophy is to provide down-to-earth quality foods that are good for the community. Quality food means choosing the finest and freshest ingredients without compromise, and preparing them from the heart.

Baked healthier with Alchemy Fibre™️

It is simply not enough to serve their customers with the food that they love, as it is also key to serve foods that nourish their bodies. This has encouraged Bakery Brera’s decision to incorporate Alchemy Fibre™ into two of their best-sellers — the Traditional Baguette and Banana Bread, so that more customers can benefit from healthier versions of their favourite bakes.

A patented blend of plant-based ingredients, Alchemy Fibre™ is a low glycemic index (GI) plant-based fibre blend that provides carb-based food with higher fibre content and slows down glucose release after consumption. Bakery Brera’s new and improved Traditional Baguette contains 5 times more dietary fibre than their previous recipe, while their Banana Bread contains 4 times more.

A healthier but just as tasty bake is something you’d go bananas over.

Visit Bakery Brera or head to their store at Empress Market to pick up some wholesome and fresh bakes, now made healthier for you!

📍 #01-05, 8 Empress Rd, 260008

Traditional Baguette with Alchemy Fibre™

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Banana Loaf with Alchemy Fibre™

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Try Alchemy Fibre™ at home now!

Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice is a patented, plant-based fibre blend that is specifically made to be used with rice. When added to white rice during the cooking process, Alchemy Fibre™️ For Rice helps to reduce the glycemic index (GI) of white rice, while increasing the fibre content to 10x that of white rice. ​

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