Alchemy Mooncake Bundle


Alchemy Mooncake Bundle comprises:
One box of sugar-free, high fibre lotus paste mooncakes (two with single yolk and two without yolk)
+ 2 x Alchemy Fibre For Rice (250g)

Sugar-free & High Fibre paste for
better sugar control and gut health.
(Sweetened naturally with maltitol)

First delivery commences 27 August 2022


May the round moon bring you a smooth path ahead, good health and fortune.

Enjoy these better-for-you Sugar Free & High Fibre mooncakes made in collaboration with Kwong Cheong Thye’s signature white lotus paste, and Alchemy Foodtech’s patented Alchemy Fibre that Make Carbs Good.

Alchemy Fibre
Make Carbs Good.

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Weight 2 kg


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