Here’s the buzz from those who have tried Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice:

chicken rice ball


” Our family have been using @alchemyfoodtech powder blend for more than a year because of its benefits it has of brown rice and more. This week, mum and myself made Chicken Rice & Rice Balls, a little traditional but not quite. Asian roasted chicken using air fryer (air fryer ftw!!) which is ready in 20 min, tender AF & fragrant Hainanese style chicken rice using @alchemyfoodtech! Very good dinner!

Sam Wu

“Guys — what if I tell you that there is a way to make your rice “healthier”, in the sense that the Glycaemic Index level can be reduced (which is critical for people with diabetes), without affecting the taste of the rice? BEST, RIGHT?!? 👍😍 This is Alchemy Foods’ motto: satisfy your carb cravings without sacrificing taste, achieved with their recently launched non-GMO product, Alchemy Fibre™ . A patented blend of plant-based ingredients, it lowers glucose release levels and adds more fibre too. Simply add it to the rice before cooking it, and voila. There you go. 😍

Charlotte Mei, Nutritionist (ANutr)

“All you have to do is sprinkle the powder (made from 100% plant fibre) onto your rice before cooking. It doesn’t change the taste, texture or appearance of it. The only difference is in the digestibility of the rice. For white rice, Alchemy Fibre makes it digest as slowly as brown rice, and gives it 3x more fibre than brown rice improving overall blood sugar levels. That’s pretty amazing.”

Fried rice with Alchemy Fibre Influencer post by Adam


“Are u a rice lover like me but trying to switch to brown rice for its health Benefits? Well, I’m a rice lover and although brown rice per say is more nutritious than white rice, it’s taste is sadly, compromised!…
Now you can have white rice with all the nutrition from brown rice and without compromising it’s taste!

Herb Rice Recipe Influencer post by Vivienne


“If you noticed, we don’t eat brown rice at home because my family don’t like brown rice. I was introduced to Alchemy Fibre™ and I think it could be another life changing event to my family. We eat a lot of white rice and to be honest Its really hard to get them to switch to brown rice. 
Now with Alchemy Fibre™ (it’s actually a white powder), you just need to add 1 tablespoon (to 1 cup of rice) of it into your rice cooker to cook it together with your white rice, it makes your white rice digest as slowly as brown rice and has 3 times more fibre than brown rice, and yet it is still white rice! I’m really very impressed and happy!” 

Salmon rice with carrot Influencer post by Elieen


“Many of my elderly family members are definitely white rice lovers and can’t live without it. I have tried advising them to switch to brown rice or consume less white rice due to their health issues. I too have also cut down on white rice as I don’t wish to consume too much carbs.
I am happy to say that right here in our sunny Singapore, a local food tech company @alchemy_foods has developed a “remedy” to make white rice as healthy n gd as brown rice! Alchemy fibre™  – a powder blend, made from plants ,is a slowly digestible carbohydrate (SDC) high in fibre. When cooked with rice white , it does not alter the taste of the rice white at all! I’m glad I wouldn’t feel so guilty eating my plate of baked salmon with rice cooked with Alchemy fibre now. I can even enjoy curry chicken with rice now 👍🏻😃” …
And here I’m enjoying this high fibre rice with my favourite homemade curry peng 🍛”

Alchemy Fibre influencer kit post by Maya


“…enjoy your favorite rice recipes with Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice as it is odorless & does not add any flavor to the rice – though i feel it is sweet when i tasted the powder itself. researched & made in singaporei’m so proud of this creation! 

Herb rice Influencer post by Alicia Cho

Alicia Cho

The kids love white rice whereas the adults prefer brown rice. Adding this fibre in, I don’t feel white rice is as unhealthy anymore. U can still enjoy the taste & texture of soft, fluffy white rice & benefit your health at the same time 🙂 


“If you’re like me, you probably love white rice more than brown rice. But now there is a solution to increase the fibre in your white rice! I added Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice , which is 100% plant based to boost the fibre in my rice! Just add it to your rice cooker and cook as you usually would. Alchemy fibre™  is also high in prebiotic to boost your immunity!

And here I’m enjoying this high fibre rice with my favourite homemade curry peng 🍛”