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Restaurant Partners

Partnership with Three Buns Singapore

Serving Healthier: Burgers and Bowls Made Healthier…
Restaurant Partners

Partnership with Cooking Art Industries

Serving Healthier: Heritage Delicacies Made Healthier Preserving…

Why Serve Foods Made With Alchemy Fibre™?

Healthy is Here to Stay

Todays diners are much more conscious of what they eat. Draw crowds, old and new, to your restaurant when you guarantee healthier food for the greater good.

Proven Consistency with Your Food

Dish up what your patrons know and love from you without any compromise on the taste and texture of your carb-based dishes. 

Alchemy Fibre Blends

Uniquely formulated blends to suit your products’ different needs.  


Can be used in bakery products for healthier alternatives 


Can be used in bakery products and noodles for healthier alternatives 


Can be used in different types of rice for healthier alternatives 


Can be used in bakery products and noodles for healthier alternatives 

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See how Alchemy Fibre has aligned with our partners’ needs in serving better, healthier meals. 

Make Your Mark

Show your customers how you care for their health by displaying our Alchemy device mark on your menu. With the promise of greater nutrition, they can continue to indulge in the dishes they love. 

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