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If you are based in the United States or the Philippines, and would like to order Alchemy Fiber™ For Rice, please click to be directed to the respective countries’ site.

This e-store currently fulfils orders within Singapore only.

Alchemy Premixes

  • Alchemy No Sugar Added Brownie Premix [500g]

  • Alchemy No Sugar Added Pancake Premix [360g]

  • Alchemy No Sugar Added Muffin Premix [300g]


Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice

The monthly subscriptions with free delivery are now available. Click here to find out more.

Featured Deals

  • Monthly Subscription – Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice

    From: $31.80 every 3 months
  • Alchemy Fibre™ [4 x 250g bundle]

  • Alchemy Fibre™ [2 x 700g bundle]


Alchemy Flour

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