It is a partnership that’s mint to be – Subway® is collaborating with Alchemy Foodtech yet again, this time for another Limited Time Offer (LTO) ready for season’s greetings. Meet the Lower Sugar Choc Chip Mint Cookie with over 40% sugar cut out while retaining the sweetness, flavour and texture that everyone loves in Subway® cookies. Available in Singapore and Hong Kong, this festive cookie was highly anticipated and already flying off the shelves.


Freedom to Innovate Despite Sugar Reduction

The resounding success from Alchemy & Subway®’s first collaboration on the Choc Chip Cookie ‘Siew Dai’ back in February fast-tracked this second LTO project to meet the demands of increasingly health-conscious consumers. “Using Alchemy’s patented technology, we reduced the sugar content in the chocolate chip cookie by over 40% yet retained the same amount of chocolate chips. This strategy meant that the team at Subway can have the freedom to create more interesting cookie flavours and still achieve the same sweetness and chewy texture of their iconic recipe. It is a win-win for us and their innovation team.” – Verleen Goh, Co-Founder and CTO of Alchemy Foodtech.” – Verleen Goh, Co-Founder and CTO of Alchemy Foodtech.


The technology behind this cookie is Alchemy SweetFibre™, a fibre-based sugar reduction solution that dissolves and functions similarly to sugar. It offers sweetness, texture and bulk to food without adding calories or altering the taste. This means products made using this fibre-based sugar substitute are indistinguishable from those made with sugar. Furthermore, additional fibre and prebiotics are added to foods as well, conferring additional benefits of supporting better gut health.

Reduced sugar Choc Chip Mint Cookie Subway Singapore & Hong Kong using Alchemy SweetFibre
SweetFibre cuts out 49% sugar in Subway cookie

Alchemy SweetFibre™: The Ideal 3rd Generation Sugar Substitute

It goes beyond cookies too. This fibre-based sugar substitute can be applied to bread, cakes, gummies, beverages, dairy products (e.g. ice cream, yoghurts, creams), sauces and jams to replace sugar yet still achieve the desired sweetness and texture.


In the case of Dian Xiao Er, their popular original and pandan soy pudding made with Alchemy SweetFibre™ are now exclusively available only in the reduced sugar format because there was no perceptible change in texture or taste. With little to no change in recipes and manufacturing processes needed, Alchemy SweetFibre™ is a holistic, turnkey solution catered to specific product categories for chefs, innovation teams and F&B operators worldwide.


“Subway needed a price-competitive solution when it came to sugar reduction and we’ve managed to deliver just that. Plus, Subway customers can truly feel good eating this cookie because it is a better, healthier indulgence with significantly reduced sugar and high in fibre. This is made entirely possible with our sugar-reduction technology.” – Alessandro Accornero, General Manager, APAC (ex-Greater China) of Alchemy Foodtech

Sugar Reduction is Fast Becoming a Necessity

Stricter food labelling regulations to increase consumers’ awareness of sugar content in foods also means that Alchemy’s technology platform is more relevant now than ever. Most recently of which is Singapore, where the government will require F&B outlets selling freshly prepared drinks such as smoothies, bubble tea and coffee, to carry Nutri-Grade labels on their menus by the end of December this year.


This push translates to increasing demand for more affordable sugar substitutes in the market, which has intensified in the last 12 months as the company sees more projects in the pipeline with food and beverage service providers.


“It will soon become a necessity to not only offer great-tasting food, but also healthier with lower sugar content. The challenge now is how quickly F&B businesses can adapt to this change to maintain their competitive edge in a market that is now more conscious of sugar consumption than ever before.” – Alan Phua, Co-Founder and CEO of Alchemy Foodtech

Sugar reduction Subway Cookie

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