Subway launches new lower sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie with Alchemy Fibre

Alchemy Foodtech’s Sugar Reduction Solutions Helps Cut Sugar in Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookie By Almost Half

Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai is the brand’s answer to ardent cookie fans who have been asking for a cookie that combines the same iconic taste with less sugar. This all-new cookie keeps the flavour and indulgence of the original Chocolate Chip Cookie, while having it less sweet.

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With Subway, the sugar content was reduced from the original 17.5g to 9g, while still delivering a chewy soft cookie which Subway customers love.

The global demand for healthier food options is growing as more than one in three adults are overweight[1] and one in ten adults are living with diabetes[2]. Alchemy Foodtech is focused on addressing these issues by providing tasty, healthier food options that reduce the negative impact of excess carbs and sugar on people’s health. With the global rise in obesity and diabetes, many food manufacturers are innovating to reduce sugar in their products and many have pledged to do so by 2030[3]. However, reducing sugar is not an easy task as sugar not only provides sweetness, but also texture, mouthfeel, moisture among others. Alchemy Foodtech is able to offer a holistic solution to deliver less sugar high fibre solutions without off-taste, and with the texture required. With Subway, the sugar content was reduced from the original 17.5g to 9g, while still delivering a chewy soft cookie which Subway customers love. Alchemy Foodtech has been able to overcome this hurdle in creating a tasty and satisfying low sugar food option for Subway, which they hope to extend to more of Subway’s offerings, as well as to more food manufacturers worldwide.

Visit Subway now to enjoy the healthier, reduced sugar cookies without any guilt!

Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai retails from $1.70, and is available island-wide in participating Subway outlets, Grab, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo delivery platforms.

“As our innovation was done on the cookie base, customers will still get to enjoy the same amount of chocolatey goodness as we kept the amount of chocolate chip the same. We are pleased that our technology solution was so well-received and hope that consumers will like the new and healthier Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai as well.”

Says Verleen Goh, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Alchemy Foodtech.

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